Spirit Gear

Each Fall the PFC gives free school t-shirts to all incoming Kindergarteners. If you would like more ways to show your school spirit, read on! Zazzle

Visit the HMCRA store on Zazzle.com to order t-shirts and mugs. Zazzle is almost always having a sale, so look out for discount codes!

We’re using Zazzle, which we know is not ideal, and we are working on other options. Here’s why we’re using it for now:

  • We heard a lot of feedback from parents that they wanted a wider range of t-shirt styles and colors (the old penguin design was only available on red “unisex” shirts)
  • There’s no consensus on which design(s) we’d use for bulk screen printing, so for now we’re experimenting with different designs
  • There was a t-shirt design competition last year which made it clear that our students love rainbows 🌈… and those work quite well with Zazzle’s digital printing process (bulk screen printing is best with a small number of colors)

Longer-term we also hope to have a bulk screen-printed design that’s suitable to sell to the wider community in the Castro and beyond, for school fundraising. 

Contact swag@harveymilk.com with any questions or feedback, or if you have expertise in this area (design, printing, etc) and would like to help.