Food & Nutrition


Are there any foods that are not allowed at school?

Harvey Milk is a nut-free school.  In addition, seeds with shells, chips, cookies, sweets, and candy are not allowed. (Exceptions may be made by individual teachers for birthday celebrations and special occasions.)

What’s for Breakfast? 

Check out the SFUSD monthly menu. Breakfast is served in the cafeteria from 9:10-9:25am.  SFUSD is now offering free meals for all students regardless of income. Even if your child brings lunch from home, they can still grab a free milk, fruit and vegetable to add to their meal.

What if my child has special food needs or food allergies?

A vegetarian option is available every day for lunch (check out the SFUSD monthly menu), and students no longer have to preorder vegetarian meals.  If a student has food allergies, please note this on the emergency card and let the teachers and staff know.  Harvey Milk is also a nut-free school.

Are snacks provided?

Yes, usually during morning recess. Fresh fruit is provided daily through funds raised by the Parent Faculty Club.  Within a classroom, families also take turns bringing crackers, pretzels, etc. The After School Program also provides a free snack at around 3:45pm.

If my child brings her lunch, can she get help opening the containers, etc.?

Only minimal help is available – please send your child with lunch containers they can handle on their own.